Creating a Photohunt Puzzle

Start with any image taken from your phone or digital camera.

We need to resize the image to a very specific size, 882 x 784. In GIMP we’ll resize the image by its Height first, then we’ll crop the sides.

Choose Image -> Scale Image

Set the Height to 784 and let the width be calculated. Click Scale.

The image is now the right height, but we need to make it the correct width too.

This time click Image -> Canvas Size

Set the Width to 882 and make sure that the height doesn’t change. Now use the bottom portion of the window to slide the image left and right and pick the most interesting parts to keep. The parts inside the square are kept, the parts outside of the square are cut off. When you’re happy with the area you want to keep, click Resize.

Now we have one side of the image. We need to double the width of the canvas and copy the left side to the right. The images must align perfectly side by side with no gap in between them. The tops and bottoms must line up perfectly as well.

To make sure we do this right every time we can use the Photohunt script for GIMP. If you don’t have the Photohunt script, download and install it using these instructions.

With the script installed, click on Filters -> Photohunt -> Make Puzzle

Now we’re ready to start editing the puzzle.

As you’re editing the puzzle, be sure to make changes to both sides. If all of the changes are made on one side they will be easier to spot!

Each puzzle needs to have exactly 5 changes.

Here are some recommendations:

Use the selection tools to carefully outline an object, then use Colors -> Hue-Saturation to change the hue (color) of the object.


Use the Clone Tool  to clone other areas of the image and make objects disappear.


Copy and paste text or objects from other locations in the scene to confuse the player.

When you’re done making the required 5 changes, save the puzzle as a PNG. The image must be saved as a PNG and not a JPG or it won’t import into the game.

Get creative and have fun! And thanks for being part of the Photohunt experience!

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